Tuesday, 1 September 2015

A new way to communicate with people without any hurdles with VoIP Phone System

VoIP Phone System is a modern technology which allows phone calls by using Internet Protocol (IP). It eliminates conventional analog phone line system, and helps you to communicate through internet irrespective of distance. VoIP transform digital information into digital data packets and support real time, its a two way transmission of voice conversation using internet protocol network, such as internet. VoIP Phone System is compatible with Smartphone, personal computer and internet access devices. VoIP has been developed by using protocols, some of these protocols are:

Media Gateway Control Protocol
Secure Real-time transport protocol

Features of VoIP Phone System

VoIP is easy in installation process. Its infrastructure makes it easy to include new components with minimum hurdles. Its working is also easy, it transfer voice into digital packets using software instead of hardware.

Improved flexibility and multi-tasking
VoIP also facilitate user to use maximum services like e-fax, e-mail, remote conferencing over the phone through internet. VoIP user can use other applications simultaneously, while talking over the phone. 

Increased productivity
VoIP technology supports business to increase their productivity in respect of cost cutting in long distance huge call bills spent on traditional phone lines.. It makes their communication system more easy, which helps in growth of their business.

Service Mobility
VoIP provides you its various services like call features, call logs, voice mail access, security feature, service policy etc irerespective of location.

Advantages of VoIP Phone System

Cost Saving
VoIP technology helps in greater financial saving. It reduce your heavy phone call bills. It connects you to your near and dear ones at very low call rates as compare to your regular phone service. It eliminates heavy long distance call rates.

Phone Portability & Flexibility
VoIP is easy to use, you can use it with a help of broadband connection or wi-fi or any internet protocol irrespective of your geographical location. You can connect your client, staff etc from anywhere to anywhere at a very low cost call. You can reach to your loved ones via e-mail while travelling, all you need is you IP compatible device and a IP connection.

VoIP doesn’t allow you to do only calls. It also facilitates you to do video-conferencing, e-mail, fax and so on through VoIP.  This allow you to connect with you business co-workers, clients etc to attend meetings, affaire, deals etc irrespective of location.

Rich media Service
VoIP also facilitate you rich media services like video calls, images transfer, selective call forwarding, ring tones, find me follow me, and real time messaging etc. these services also creates new market in communication industry.

Control interface
VoIP service provider provides a user control interface, a user can change its features and options. E.g change speed dial, call forwarding number, music on-hold option, anonymous call block etc.

No geographical boundaries
You can use VoIP services irrespective of your location. There is no need of any country code or area code etc.

Your VoIP service quality is depend on the quality of your IP protocol like your broadband connection, 3G, Wifi etc and limitations of your PC or any other device. Its voice quality gets dropped under heavy load.

There are many security issues like theft, malware, denial of service, virus, call tampering, and spamming with VoIP. 

In coming days, all these disadvantages will overcome. There is lot of work is being done on VoIP in respect of making it more efficient and useful.

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